I am a city girl. Born and raised in and about the Chicagoland area. “City-fied” by the standards of my in-laws.

From what I can understand that means that I:

  • Grew up in a town with a population of more than 500 people;
  • Am a tree hugging, gun hating, liberal, and socialist commie bastard;
  • Lured my husband (their ‘kin’) from the safety of a Missouri college town to the big, bad city of Chicago; and
  • Essentially, I am the anti-Christ.

That is just a small snippet of the shit my in-laws have “taught” me. I will share the rest with you on this blog.

Two disclaimers:

  1. Everything I say will be the truth. No embellishment. No additives. It was all be shit they have said. My tag line is true: I can’t make this shit up, because I am just not that funny.
  2. Because everything I say will be true, I will change their names. Not to protect them, of course. More because I like the air of mystery. And I am not as big of an asshat as they think I am.

Enjoy as I have enjoyed,


Have a story about something that you were “taught” by your in-laws? Share it! Shoot me an email at shitmyinlawshavetaughtme (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will share. Just stick by the rules above, okay?


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